On the value of a college degree

Saturday, March 25 2006 @ 01:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

Contributed by: elijah_kaufman

Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 11:48:01 -0500
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To: "Elijah Kaufman" <ekaufman@mail.slc.edu>
From: "Amir Lopatin" <Amir_Lopatin@brown.edu>

Hey Eli,
Its great that you are going to graduate. Not that that is really worth
much these days. You probably would have done just as well to become a
Microsoft certified engineer right out of college, worked 9 to 5 for 50 -70
grand a year and spent the rest of your time sculpting. As for me, I am not
looking for intellectual fulfillment in my career. All I want is a good
salry and time off to pursue my real interests, like computer games,
driving fast cars, and making itwith short girls who have ambigously
indian names. I think that is the smartest route someone can take.
Everybody here at brown thinks that there job has to be the road to self
fulfiilment, but not me, I look forward to a life as a peon for corporate
america. Besides though, the truth is that computer work is a lot less
drudge than most jobs people take right out of college. So I think becoming
a systems engineer, is a great idea. DId you know there are 190k free jobs
in the computer industry. The things is that it looks very good to be able
to program as well so you should stick with you c++ book. Are you learning
Windows programming or just conventional dos like programming? So Whats
Eireann like? Why do you only say "kinda with"? Anyways, check out this
Sarah girl for me. THe truth is that I have no time to meet women anymore.
I am taking a graduate level cs class that I am too stupid for. I worked
about thrity hours on a program that I couldn't get working last week. I am
well on my way to failing and it is only two weeks into the semester. Oy vay!
p.s. Thanks for saying that I am good-looking.

In Memory of Amir Lopatin