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 About The Amir Lopatin Memorial Fund  
The Amir Lopatin Memorial Fund was founded in 2004 to commemorate the life and work of Amir Shai Lopatin. Amir was a promising 28 year old graduate student pursuing a combined Ph.D. in technology and education at Stanford University School of Educationís Program in Learning Sciences and Technology Design when he was killed in a tragic car accident on March 25, 2004. In his short life, Amir found the time to touch an amazing number of people, in his quiet works of kindness, his sportsmanship, and his involvement in the communities to which he belonged.

The goal of the Amir Lopatin Memorial fund is to help perpetuate Amir's dreams by offering grants and scholarships to support innovative work and scholarship in areas of education and technology by individuals or organizations that demonstrate the moral principals, integrity, and spirit we treasured in Amir.

It easy to contribute! Just click here to make an online contribution. Alternatively, you can get directions on how to contribute by mail by clicking here.

The Amir Lopatin Memorial Fund currently supports an annual Amir Lopatin Fellowship at Stanford University School of Education. The Fellowship provides funding for exceptional PhD students to support a summer or post-graduation project involving technology and education. Special preference is given to PhD students in the School of Educationís Program in Learning Sciences and Technology Design pursuing summer projects involving community-level fieldwork which use technology and project based learning to make education more engaging for primary and secondary school age students and otherwise enhance childrenís educational experience. We believe this will help perpetuate Amirís work by awarding and encouraging those most closely involved in Amirís life goal of making education more exciting and accessible through technology.

We are grateful to the 300 plus family and friends of Amir who contributed to the Amir Lopatin Fund to make this Fellowship a reality. We are also grateful for the warmth that surrounds Amirís memory among the administration and faculty of Stanford Universityís School of Education, and we believe this award will continue to have a personal component for many years to come.

The Amir Lopatin Memorial Fund is maintained by the FJC, a foundation of donor advised funds and a registered public charity. All donations to the Amir Lopatin Memorial Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. For more information about the FJC please see

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